We at Silton Tennis take pride in the quality of the work we produce.  This is no more evident than in how we string racquets.

Those that know their string beds appreciate the Silton difference.

Our knowledgeable staff will guide you to optimizing your string bed with an eye towards your game.  There are over nine hundred strings in the world. Navigating through the possibilities of this dizzing array of options is challanging to the most knowledgable of us. Considerations include:

  • Any elbow, shoulder, or wrist problems
  • Your hitting style
  • History of likes and dislikes
  • Comfort
  • Durability

We String Racquetball Racquets!

Whether we're stringing for a beginner or a pro, we always remember:

String every racquet as if you were stringing for a touring pro!

and Silton Tennis has strung for a lot of touring pros!
  Babolat Sensor Expert Stringing Machine

The Babolat Sensor Expert Stringing Machine

One of the most technically advanced (and expensive) stringing machines in the world.

Dave: A touring pro once walked into the players lounge where I was set up and said to a friend "get a load of that machine"


 How often should I string?

One often used adage is "string your racquet as often per year as you play per week".  This works for some but everyone's different in their approach.  For instance, one friend, an advanced player, strings every three years whether she needs it or not.  A member of our staff (not surprisingly, very sensitive to his string bed) will only leave a nylon string on his racquet for 2 or 3 months before it feels "dead".  Different intervals work for each player.  We can, of course, help but it's up to the individual to determine when to re-string.

My arm hurts - how should I proceed?

No doubt, natural gut is the best but is quite expensive; prohibitively so if you're a string breaker. Otherwise, a high quality multi-filiment nylon will help. Lowering the tension used will ease arm distress but you're likely to lose some control. The answer is complex and different responses will suit different players.