Charlie, Dave, and Bruce went to the Hall of Fame Tennis Championships in July 2016

It's a beautiful venue in Newport:

Newport Looks Great

 South View

 Newport Tennis Hall of Fame Entrance Entrance Tennis Hall of Fame Newport, Rhode Island
New South Stands view View from the south stands of the main court
  Most of us don't exactly look like this after our backhands!
 Service anyone?
  Aussie Style I Formation works for some
 Doubles Action
  Nice work if you can get it!
 Dave in action - Bruce & Charlie relaxing
  Show Court

Dave told Brendan, his team co-captain last winter, that he had a photo of Alex, the other co-captain, at Newport when they accepted an award!

Brendon Wins at Newport

Dave may have lied about the other photo in order to include a picture inside the shop!

 Just after I posted this Brandon & Alex came into the shop; within minutes Brandon emailed me the above

photo from their Newport experience!